Roses, hyacinth and lisianthus

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272 RON
We managed to bring a smile to our friend lips! 10 with congratulations, you have from me
N Tudor, May 4th 2023
I will return with the greatest pleasure!
Mikaela R, Jan 10th 2023
Thank you very much for honoring our order, it was as we wanted, an absolutely beautiful surprise, we are satisfied with the effect and content, beautiful flowers and also the cake and champagne! We remain grateful and we will use your services in the future!
Ion V, Apr 11th 2023

An exquisite floral combination that employs red roses, violet hyacinth and lisianthus, meant to give a refined touch to any decor. This roses arrangement is seated in a black ceramic bowl of 12cm, that can differ in shape and color according to the available stock and delivery place. The order can be made from the online collection available at the best online flower shop.

Magazinul de Flori makes sure to deliver this unique floral design at the recipient's home, by the fastest flowers courier.

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The hyacinth originates in the Middle East, as a perennial decorative plant. Hyacinths are highly appreciated for their intense scent and in the past their bulbs were very expensive, being kept in the rich men's houses as a trophy of wealth.

Magazinul de Flori employs hyacinths in the most creative arrangements. In this combination of red roses, violet hyacinths create a pleasant contrast and they amplify the sweet scent of roses.