Sunflower Bouquet
Summer Reverie

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348 RON
Mom got the flowers today. She said they are very beautiful. Thanks a bunch!
Cristina, Jun 25th 2021
Thank you! I’ve never thought she will be so happy! All the best in your business
STELA, Oct 18th 2021
Thank you for being so helpful and accomodating, you just made a customer for life!
Lindsay, Jan 18th 2021

Bright and shiny as a summer day, this sunflower bouquet is a real visual delight. The insense yellow color will bring enthusiasm to any recipient, as sunflower is a symbol of joy. This amazing flowers arrangement inspired freshness and honesty, ideal for a new stars and for a memorable surprise.

Magazinul de Flori can delivered this flowers bouquet anywhere in Romania through the flowers courier service.

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Sunflowers are native to North America, and they are now worldwide kown for the oils industria. On top of that, the unique scent in the flowers have an energizing effect and they are used in therapies. These flowers are fond of sunlight exposure, and that is why they cannot delevop if placed in a shadowed place.

The flower has a round shape and a bright yellow color, reaching up to 50cm in diameter. When employed in flower bouquets, sunflowers express energy with their vibrant yellow color. Magazinul de Flori offers amazing sunflower bouquets, that can make the perfect floral gift on a summer day.