Anthurium bouquet and exotic foliage

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Thank you for the delivery and for the fact that you delivered around 9 o'clock, as requested. The bouquet of flowers is very beautiful.
Ligia C, Jan 24th 2021
Thank you for the extraordinary services you’re offering. I am already at the 3rd order and the addressees were very satisfied
Gabriel, Apr 5th 2021
Hi, I must thank you so much for the products delivered and your help for celebrating my mother beautiful age of 50 years. It was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake, I saw the photos and i heard my family feedback. Thank you again for what you do and also for hepling us, those who live far away from home. You connect us with our loved ones from home. A beautiful day!
Alexandra C, Apr 21st 2021

Capture the magic of a moment in time and impress with floral exotism by offering this anthurium bouquet that is artfully combined with exotic foliage. The bouquet employs 5 red anthurium stems and is presented in a modern and refined design that will bring style in any room.

The delivery is assured by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, a flowers courier that reaches any city in Romania.

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Flamingo flowers, known as Anthurium, have very attractive foliage and they last for the entire year. This climbing plant originates in the tropical forests and that is why the plant grows in humidity and warmth, while high temperatures are a hostile condition. 

The flower is now encountered all around the world and is popular for flower bouquets. An anthurium bouquet is an exotic appearance, conveyed by the flower’s special shape. This unique looking flowers also express elegance and nobility.