Colored minigerberas bouquet

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An impressive flowers bouquet with white, yellow and pink minigerbera accented with mixed greenery. A minigerbera bouquet can be offered on anniversaries, to congratulate or to offer a surprise for a special event.

The online flower shop Magazinul de Flori assured home delivery for any city in Romania through the flowers courier that is available for any order for online flowers.

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Minigerbera daisies are the miniature version of gerbera flowers and convey elegance and distinction by the special aspect and colorful design. The chromatic area is very wide and that is why flowers are employed in flower bouquets and flower arrangements and combined with a variety of flowers.

Gerbera flowers that have a size of approximately 7cm are also called minigerbera daisies. Magazinul de Flori employs the freshest ones and created exquisite minigerbera bouquets that give a special touch to a floral gift.