Blue irises

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156 RON
Hello agian, Thank you so much. The flowers were beautiful and the delivery was on time and the receiver was very surprised and pleased. Thank you again. Thank you! Regards
Warni Rosland, Feb 10th 2021
My wife did love the flowers and they look great. I will be sure to use your services again.
Tom, May 5th 2021
I have been ordering bouquets for over 10 years through you, this time I needed a wreath with delivery directly to the chapel. Once again, you did not disappoint me. Thank you very much
Silviu Grigore, Aug 24th 2021

A delicate flowers bouquet that employs blue irises and it’s ideal for a gentle and tender floral gift.

This bouquet can be delivered though the flowers delivery service at the most prestigious online flower shop in Romania, Magazinul de Flori.

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Gypsophila is also known as the bride flower and ofted used in flower bouquets for a greater ornamental value. These flowers have a very delicate aspect due to their lacy display and they can be white or red.

Gypsophila can be ideally matched with strong colored flowers such as irises, for a fancy contrast. Magazinul de Flori offers exquisite flower bouquets that are ornamented with gypsophila for a stunning effect. These superb flowers will reach the recipient in a perfect condition, since the flowers delivery service offers professional assistance.