Bordo chrysanthemums bouquet

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I placed three orders with you this year and I was very pleased by the quality of your services. For sure I will work with you again and I shall recommend you to friends and colleagues. 
Cecilia G. P, Jan 28th 2024
I just spoke with my friend to whom I sent the flowers and she was thrilled with them. She said they were beautiful and fresh and the color was gorgeous. Thanks again and my future flower orders will be with you.
Patricia, Feb 16th 2024
Thank you for the extraordinary services you’re offering. I am already at the 3rd order and the addressees were very satisfied
Gabriel, Apr 22nd 2024

A flowers bouquet in a dark red shade that can be offered on any moment of the year. This bordo chrysanthemums bouquet represents a rich floral arrangement, and an imposing gift available in the online flowers selection.

This bouquet is artfully designed by the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori, and the delivery is assured by the flowers courier service.

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Chysanthemums are also called autumn daisies and they are native to Asia and Northeastern Europe. The leafs are deeply notched and the flowers are big and in different colors. The chrysanthemums inflorescence has big petals and a chrysanthemums bouquet will express wealth. Chrysanthemums are used in flowers arrangements and flower bouquets since they can be combined with a great number of flowers for a special visual effect.