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Thank you very much! All went perfectly and both orders were received with joy. Thank you, I am always very happy with our collaboration, you probably know that I have been using you for years, I think about 10 and you help me a lot to keep in touch with those at home, especially on special occasions. All my respect!
Madalina, Jan 7th 2023
Mr. Stefan, Thank you for handling my order. I would like to say that my mother was very, very pleased. Last year I used another service and my mother said the roses were horrible. She also mentioned she hadn’t seen in a long time such beautiful flowers - as the ones received from you. Also the delivery person waited for her to arrive from the doctor – 30 minutes or even more. You showed professionalism and proved to be a high quality service. I am very happy and will only use you for Romania from now onwards. It is very difficult to find a Romanian company with international standard services. You have an impeccable service: from the reply emails received very quickly to the product delivery: you are truly excellent. I hope other overseas people will use you. If you wish you can publish this feedback: I hope you have lots and lots of orders and all best until I need your services again. Sincerely,
Elena A, Jan 28th 2023
Hello. Thank you for your kindness and for the prompt delivery. Thanks to you, we made our mother a very happy person on her birthday. Have a lovely day.
Anonim, Oct 29th 2022

Offer Her A Drop Of Joy! 

An impeccable bouquet, made of delicate and vividly colored flowers, meant to bring a smile on the lips of anyone looking at them! The multicolor tulips are like a warm and scented breath of spring, the miniroses emanate beauty, faith and friendship, the gerbera and hypericum inspire affection and fulfillment.

The explosion of color and the velvet petals are meant to soften anyone's heart, to chase away any dark thoughts and bring joy. No matter if you did made a mistake and you want to ask for forgiveness, if you want to send your good wishes to someone going through a difficult situation, to congratulate someone or mark a special occasion, you cannot go wrong with this bouquet!

Why Is It Special? 

Some flowers and colors have an exclusivist meaning and, offered to the wrong person, they can leave room for misinterpretation. Some people have certain preferences when it comes to flowers and will not appreciate a bouquet that does not meet their standards. 

This bouquet fits anyone, no matter the age, the relationship you have or the occasion. The warm and vivid colors, the complex flower combination and the extremely attractive arrangement are the perfect modality to turn a plain day in someone's life into a joyful one, to express your appreciation and prove your fine taste. 

Order the bouquet now, through Magazinul de Flori, and it will reach the hands of the person you want to cheer up together with your message with the most prompt flowers delivery service in the country. Is it not wonderful to be able to make someone smile with no effort? 

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