Imperial lilies bouquet

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Mr. Safciu, I will recommend your website to all my friends in Michigan (an there are many). I appreciate not only the quality of your “products” but also the certainty of delivery. Congratulations for a high quality service!!! Once again, all the best
ILEANA V, Jan 4th 2022
Good afternoon! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the professionalism and the availability. It was a huge surprise and you made one great-grandmother extremely happy! I received pics of the birthday cake and the flowers and everything was extraordinary, including the delivery method and the diligence of your staff. I will surely use your services together with my friends and my family. All the best in your business
DIANA, May 28th 2022
Good evening Mr. Safciu, everything worked perfect. The roses bouquet was very nice! Thank you for your service!
Daniela H, Feb 28th 2022

Be the first one to seduce her with a flowers bouquet and offer her this imperial lilies bouquet that has an impeccable look and irresistible scent. The bouquet can be delivered with the buckets closed, that will bloom after one or two days, offering a visual delight for the recipient.

The delivery for this imperial lilies bouquet is assured by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, that provides fast shipment anywhere in Romania.

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The lily is one of the special flowers that exhale a strong scent for many days. For a proper care, the water in a lily vase must be changed daily, and the flower stamens can be removed to prevent stains on the petals.

Roses are available in 100 varieties, but imperial lilies are among the most spread ones, also known as lilium regale. An imperial lilies bouquet will impress any recipient with the special colors and unique perfume.