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Thank you for your professionalism. i will order in future with pleasure from you. Have a nice week.
Cristina B, Sep 18th 2023
Dear Mr. Safciu Thank you for the promptness and for the professionalism shown in processing the order placed by me. Everything went well, exactly as I asked. I will not hesitate in recommending you and to further use your services. Thank you
Ioana Secara, Mar 8th 2023
The roses came today. They were gorgeous ? a total night & day difference from what I received in the original shipment. Thank you for making this right.
Michael, Jul 19th 2023

There is nothing to compare with the elegance of imperial lilies. This flowers bouquet will have a magic effect on your loved one. An imperial lilies bouquet is the ideal floral gift for formal events, but also for intimate moments.

The delivery is assured by the flowers courier at Magazinul de Flori that sends flowers at home at any address in Romania.

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Lilies are available in over 100 varieties and among all, imperial lilies are the most admired and appreciated ones when used in flower bouquets. They are also known as lilium regale, hence their association with formal events. A lilies bouquet expresses elegance and refinement, and they exhale a sweet scent that can last for days.

Lily flowers are easy to take care of, since they only need their water changed daily and their stems cut.