Iris, gerbera and lisianthus bouquet

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288 RON
Thank you for today's delivery, everything turned out perfectly! Serious company. Greetings, I will advertise you.
Adrian P, May 26th 2023
Thank you! I was impressed by your professionalism I have rarely seen such good services in Romania
Florin, Apr 17th 2023
She Loved the Flowers....thanks so much!
Chad, Mar 30th 2023

An exquisite floral mix in a flowers bouquet that employs blue irises, pink gerbera and lisianthus, meant to impress everybody. The perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers, this gerbera and irises bouquet is accented with lisianthus, a symbol of prosperity.

The delivery is assured by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, that sends fresh flowers at the recipient's doorstep, through the flowers courier.

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Irises have a sweet and charming scent and they are known as fragile flowers with an elegant aspect. The iris was a symbol of royalty in France. There are over 150 species of irises around the world, with color shades that vary from white to yellow and from blue to violet. An irises bouquet is an elegant and simple gift.

When combined with gerbera and lisianthus, irises bring refinement and sophistication to any event. Florists at Magazinul de Flori only use fresh irises and create flower bouquets that have a special decorative value.