Life In Pink

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170 RON
Mr. Safciu, thank you for the prompt delivery and the quality of the products ... as always
Smaranda G, May 8th 2024
Excellent services – perfect delivery! Will recommend! Thank you
Catalin, Jan 10th 2024
Good Morning, I would like to thank you very much for you serious approach and for your help! I apologize I so early write you but I am on holiday in Hong Kong and here it’s 11 am already! My mother was very surprised and very happy. She as well, told me that the bouquet was lovely and the flowers were fresh and gorgeous. Once again 100 times thank you and I will surely order flowers from you with the next occasions. Have a nice day
Ciprian, Feb 8th 2024

White Chrysanthemums, Pink Gerberas And Pink Roses – Life In Pink – Teach Her To See The Beauty Of Life

A rich and elegant bouquet, of an outstanding freshness, it promises to offer a more beautiful life perspective to anyone looking at it. The flowers it contains are the best guarantee in this sense, as no one can resist the delicate white chrysanthemums, the extremely sweet pink gerbera and the passionate pink roses. 

The combination is balanced, but joyful and captivating at the same time, perfect for any woman, on any day and on any occasion, no matter her age, the relationship between you or the message you wish to send. If you want to inspire trust, to prove attention to details and sensibility, to conquer and to cheer her up, this bouquet is your best choice!


The chrysanthemum is a symbol of purity and continuity, gerbera symbolizes richness and fulfillment, the pink roses are the embodiment of passion, friendship and happiness. You have them all together on a green prosperity background, in a concentric bouquet that promises uniformity and stability. 

Just imagine your mother, mother-in-law, best friend, a colleague, a client or your loved one receiving such a bouquet! Could they possibly be disappointed? Definitely not, because none of the connotations this bouquet might have is inappropriate for the nature of the relationship you could share. 

On the contrary, you will show consideration, good intentions and fine tastes, you will make them smile and you will gain their affection and gratitude. With a prompt flowers delivery service like the one offered by Magazinul de Flori, you do not even have to tire yourself over this – your just place the order online and it gets in the arms of the receiver according to your instructions. Just try it and you will see for yourself!

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