Lilies, roses and anthurium
Magical bouquet

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312 RON
...the flowers are wonderful ...she sent me a picture with the bouquet and it’s beautiful ...she was thrilled as well since she wasn’t expecting ...thank you very much for the bouquet and for your professional attitude ...for sure i will use your services in the future
Moron Marian-Tudor, Mar 5th 2021
Thank you very much, the bouquet was lovely and the flowers fresh. I will never forget the care and consideration that you displayed
Nicola, Mar 20th 2021
You helped us in a difficult time in our lives, thank you for that
Octavian Popescu - California, Feb 27th 2021

This exclusive bouquet combines lilies, white roses and green anthurium for a memorable gift. The freshness in the colors and the strong scent in the roses and lilies arrangement will surely enlighten the recipient's day.

The bouquet employs fresh roses and lilies that are carefully selected by the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori. You can order flowers online for an instant delivery.

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Lilies convey a distinguished touch to any flowers bouquet in which they are employed. On top of that, they exhale a sweet scent that lasts for a couple of days. Lilies were used in all historical periods as worshiped objects or jewelry, and they remained a symbol of triumph.

A floral design that employs lilies and white roses is impressive as it expresses purity and elegance, that make it ideal for festive occasions.