Lilies, irises and roses

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Mr. Safciu, thank you for the prompt delivery and the quality of the products ... as always
Smaranda G, May 13th 2021
Good afternoon, I will leave the thank you note for the end because I feel the need to explain myself for the reasons that drive me to congratulate you and in the same time thank you for everything. First time I only dared to believe that it’s a random thing that you actively participated in a “complicated” surprise giving the kilometers you had to pass to reach the receiver. But I was happy to learn than my mum’s smile was caused by you too. Now, my expectations and the thrills as well, were even higher….it was suppose to be a special surprise, the kind of surprise that leaves you breathless and it was “vital” for you to help me put it scene exactly as I imagined it long time ago. On Saturday, I don’t know who was more nervous, me or the “surprised person”. All I know is that I was ok after you called saying: “ the delivery was successfully made and the secret kept :)))”. For being a party, for understanding and most of all for the help you gave me in delivering a smile, THANK YOU! Have a wonderful day
Corina Murariu, Feb 3rd 2021
Thank you, Stefan. Pleased to receive confirmation. We use services of your company for 4 years. I live in the US, the family is at home in Romania. You have always have been prompt and impeccable service. I am going to order from your company in the future. Thanks 
Ioana, Mar 28th 2021

A fantastic bouquet that comes in a daring combination of colors, ideal to enchant any recipient. The bouquet employs yellow lilies, pink roses, blue irises and pink lisianthus, accented with greenery and mixed in a stylish design.

Florist designers at Magazinul de Flori artfully combine all flowers in exquisite bouquets and assure shipment at the recipient's home through the flowers delivery service.

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Lilies are among the oldest flowers grown by men, and that is why it can be identified in all historical periods as a symbol of worshipping. Lilies can be offered as a sign of respect or to show deep appreciation. When combined with roses, lilies bring a special refinement. A lilies and roses bouquet that is completed with irises has an unparalleled aspect. The iris flower has a delicate look and exhales a seducing but not very strong scent.

Magazinul de Flori always offers creative bouquets that are artfully arranged and delivered in an impaccable condition by the flowers courier.