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Thank you so very, very much. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to please the customer and I will recommend your company to others
Jan, Aug 9th 2021
Many thanks for the promptness and professionalism that you showed! The Bouquet of flowers and cake were superb and my mom was super happy by this surprise!
Teodora, Londra, Jun 16th 2021
Thank you for your professionalism. i will order in future with pleasure from you. Have a nice week.
Cristina B, Mar 20th 2021

A white flowers basket that conveys purity and softness, made from lilies, roses and eustoma. This lilies and roses basket is a refined flowers arrangement that makes the ideal gift for any event. The basket can also be offered on special occasions like weddings or christianings, suiting a simple but modern decor.

At Magazinul de Flori you will find fresh flowers in impeccable flower bouquets that can be delivered anywhere in Romania by the fast flowers courier. All flowers are displayed in the rich online flowers collection.

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Flower baskets are ideal for festive occasions or special events, bringing a presentation that exhales refinement and elegance in any room. Depending on the flowers seated in it, a flowers basket can be gift to make a love statement, to thank someone or to make a special surprise.

Roses convey passion, lilies are a symbol of distinction and eustoma is the flower of joy, bringing optimism. A flowers basket is a message of innocence, irrespective of the occasion on which is offered. Floral baskets displayed at Magazinul de Flori have an unique aspect and only employ fresh flowers that will impress with their colors and scent.