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Thank you for today's delivery, everything turned out perfectly! Serious company. Greetings, I will advertise you.
Adrian P, Mar 9th 2021
Thank you for your promptness and especially for services. Our friend was very impressed.
Alexandru B, Jan 29th 2021
Good afternoon. Thank you for your professionalism and the right on time delivery. I have been using your services since 2013 and I am very pleased. Have a nice day
Alina O, Jan 6th 2021

Special offer: for any potted orchid that you order, a Merci chocolate box of 250g is offered for FREE 

Orchids are renowned for their distinction and special aspect that makes them very popular among flower lovers. You can surprise her in a very pleasant way with this white orchid places in an elegant pot, that can last for up to 8 weeks. A potted orchid represents a visual delight in any decor.

The delivery is assured by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, that delivers flowers anywhere in Romania throuhg the flowers courier.

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Orchids have inspired many myths along history, as a symbol of purity and feminity. These features have been inspired from ancient Greece, when orchids were used as sacrifices for the harvest goddess.

A potted orchid can last for a long time is properly catered for, and an ideal place is a humid and luminous one. Nonetheless, direct sun light is not a favorable condition for orchids.

Magazinul de Flori assures home delivery for potted orchids, through the flowers courier.