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Dear Mr. Safciu, I would like to confirm the delivery of the basket with roses just a little after 6 pm tonight just as you said and would like to say that the outcome was way more than I expected. Thanks to your services I managed to give my mum a huge surprise and I am really grateful for your support. I hope you have the success you deserve, in line with the kindness and the professionalism you work with. You earned my admiration and I sincerely congratulate you on the attention and the understanding you show to the clients. I wish you the best of luck and may you have clients just as pleased and happy as I am. Best Regards
Anonim, Mar 1st 2024
I am the one thanking you The service was impeccable I wish a very nice rest of the day
Alexa Ctin, Jan 23rd 2024
Thank you for your perfect delivery.
Miruna Smith, May 5th 2024

A pink roses bouquet that employs 11 fresh roses, an ideal manner to say “Thank you” and make a special wish.

Pink roses are a symbol of optimism and happiness, and a flowers bouquet that is arranged in a tree crown shape is the perfect way to express joy and delight.

This bouquet can be sent anywhere in Romania by the flowers delivery service offered at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori.

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Roses are hybrid species obtain through multiple crossings of wild species. There are over 30.000 assortments and 8 main colors. Roses are easy to cater for, but they need strong light to last for a long time as cut flowers. When used in flower bouquets and flower arrangements, roses bring an impressive splash of color and a sweet, seducing scent. Pink roses are a symbol of grace and feminity.