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Hello, I take this chance to thank you for the quality of the service and for the quality of the products, I got a picture of the flowers you delivered and think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Good luck with what you are doing
Lucian Avramescu, Jan 9th 2021
I just want to Thank You for your prompt response and understanding. I truely appreciate your efforts for accomodating the additional bouquet. That is service that is above and beyond and I can assure you of my continued loyality to your company in the future. I have worked in the customer service industry for far too many years and know great service when I recieve it.
John, Jun 2nd 2021
love ordering flowers from your company. The customer service and quality of flowers is outstanding. Look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks.
Karina, May 31st 2021

A pink roses bouquet that employs 11 fresh roses, an ideal manner to say “Thank you” and make a special wish.

Pink roses are a symbol of optimism and happiness, and a flowers bouquet that is arranged in a tree crown shape is the perfect way to express joy and delight.

This bouquet can be sent anywhere in Romania by the flowers delivery service offered at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori.

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Roses are hybrid species obtain through multiple crossings of wild species. There are over 30.000 assortments and 8 main colors. Roses are easy to cater for, but they need strong light to last for a long time as cut flowers. When used in flower bouquets and flower arrangements, roses bring an impressive splash of color and a sweet, seducing scent. Pink roses are a symbol of grace and feminity.