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The recipient was so excited and keep on telling me of how beautiful the bouquet is! Altho it has gone for a long journey, it still looks soo gorgeous. I’m sorry for such fuss and u was always being so helpful, i appreciate that soo much! I def. gonna shop more at your shop, because of it’s EXCELLENT service and AMAZING product. This is def. the best florist i ever came cross for. I can’t hardly wait to buy something again from Magazinul de Flori, and i wish you all the best!
Mihaela, May 27th 2023
Good evening, Mr, Stefan, Thank you very much for all your effort in the execution of this delivery. The surprise and the delivery were truly special. As always you did everything to ensure the expected result. Thank you
MARK S, Jan 3rd 2023
Thanks for the service. Certainly we will use your services in the near future. Have a good day!
Ryana P, Jan 10th 2023

A wonderful vase with 3 red anthurium flowers that brings a touch of elegance and refinement. A floral gift that can be kept on the office table and an impressive gift to be offer in a business environment. Anthurium is known as an extremely popular tropical flower that has an impressive and vibrant coloring.

This simple flowers arrangement conveys style and can be sent anywhere in Romania by the flowers delivery service offered at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori.

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Anthurium, also known as the Flamingo flower, is native to the tropics. This exotic flowers is pretentious when it comes to flower combinations in flower bouquets, givent he fact the it has a special shape and a vibrant color that capture all the attention.

Red anthurium are ideal for romantic occasions, and flower decorations made by the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori have an impeccable look, since they only employ fresh flowers.