Red roses and white orchid bouquet

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176 RON
The gift was as I expected, the receiver was very happy, the orchid is beautiful.
Cristina N, Jan 10th 2021
My wife and I are very pleased with your services. The flowers were a gift and the recipient said they are just beautiful. In the future, we will most certainly use your great services.
Warren, May 4th 2021
I would like to say that you have all my appreciation …..because I received all these kind words from the “Birthday Girl / Friend”; she was very excited, shocked, amazed etc. with the gift….. I personally saw the bouquet as well as the teddy-bear and they were indeed, very beautiful. Thank you and for the next time I will still contact you Goodbye
Groza Cristian, Apr 5th 2021

An orchid in a roses bouquet that has a refined look and an unmatching scent. This bouquet employs red roses of the highest quality and a white orchid, arfully combined to make a gift that conveys nobility and elegance.

This special bouquet is made by the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori, where you can find the finest display of online flowers. Flowers are sent at the recipient’s home by the flowers delivery service.

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Roses are the greatest messangers for passion and romance, due to the velvety flowers and unique scent they exhale. The roses essence is renowned around the world, as a key ingredient for a variety of cosmetic ptroducts. Roses are available in over 3.000 species and very used in creative bouquets, in the most exotic combinations.

At Magazinul de Flori you will find the finest selection of online roses, mixed in bouquets that can be offered on any occasion.