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love ordering flowers from your company. The customer service and quality of flowers is outstanding. Look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks.
Karina, Feb 9th 2021
Mr. Safciu, I will recommend your website to all my friends in Michigan (an there are many). I appreciate not only the quality of your “products” but also the certainty of delivery. Congratulations for a high quality service!!! Once again, all the best
ILEANA V, Jul 21st 2021
Thank you very much for the quick, efficient and elegant way in which the flowers arrived to my aunt…I will surely use your services in the future! I will also recommend you to my friends as the best website. Best Regards
Cristina B, Jul 12th 2021

A wonderful flowers bouquet that employs 19 red roses. A vibrant color, sweet scent and impeccable design are the elements that make this rose bouquet a floral masterpiece. This red roses bouquet is the ideal choice to astound the recipient and to make a love statement.

The order for this bouquet can be placed at Magazinul de Flori, that can send this fresh roses arrangement if you order flowers online at this flower shop.

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Red roses are the primary choice for a floral gift in romantic situations. These flowers have a sweet scent and attractive aspect, and they originate in Persia and China, where they have been grown for more than 5000 years.

Today, roses bloom all around the world and they are available in more than 30.000 varieties, but only 8 main colors. A roses bouquet is a precious gift, as they are highly appreciated for their unique aspect.