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Good evening Mr. Safciu, everything worked perfect. The roses bouquet was very nice! Thank you for your service!
Daniela H, Mar 23rd 2023
I just wanted to let you know my husband sent me the most beautiful flowers from your site. They arrived right on time and I have been getting so many compliments on them here at work. I have let everyone know exactly where they came from. Thanks for the great service.
Maria, May 28th 2023
Thanks to Mr. Stefan and his team, I managed to make a beautiful gift for my mother at the venerable age of 85. Since I have been established in the USA since 1998, Mr. Stefan's Flower Shop acted efficiently and promptly in delivering a bouquet of flowers, a cake and a very cute teddy bear. I ordered a cube with multicolored freesias that filled my mother's soul with joy (freesias being her favorite flowers). Their scent fills the room with a pleasant scent. The Diplomat cake I ordered is very fresh and tasty, and the teddy bear that my mother named Titi sits next to her and reminds me of me. Thank you, Mr. Stefan! I will definitely use your services again. In fact, I already have two orders in progress for March 8. I recommend Magazinul de Flori to all those who are far away who want to make a beautiful gift. With great love and respect,
Raluca Mascov, May 19th 2023

A 19 red roses 70 cm flower bouquet that can be offered anytime for giving to any moment romance and freshness.

This roses bouquet can be ordered by online flower shop Magazinul de Flori that selects carefully just fresh roses for the chosen person to be surprised!

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Roses speak to our soul, roses have a special shape, impressive color and unique perfume!

Delicate and gentle , roses are found in more than 30 000 varieties, very used in floral arrangements and in flower bouquets.

A rose as gift is the perfect emissary for love. They stay fresh for long time, as they only need a little sun light and daily watering.