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Thank you for the flowers which are always perfect as well as for helping me to bring joy to the loved ones.
Simona A, Apr 14th 2022
Hello, Thank you very much for the delivery. The surprise was perfect and I just want to say Thank you for the offered services. With respect,
Valentina Tupu, Jun 20th 2022
Hello, I would like to thank you for EVERYTHING: for your patience and understanding that you have shown towards a client as finical as myself, for the velocity and seriousness of your response to my requests, for the scrupulousness and attention to each detail, for your punctuality but most of all for the happiness that I and the beneficiary of the surprise felt. I just want to congratulate you for the quality of your services and to confess that you have open up my appetite for making such kind of surprisesJ Oh! One more thing: all my friends have already received your contact details!
Corina Murariu, Jun 22nd 2022

An exquisite bouquet that employs 25 red roses (70cm), ideal to match any occasion.

This rich roses bouquet will bring refinement for any occasion, and the recipient will surely be impressed. Magazinul de Flori only uses fresh flowers in vibrant colors, that can be the best messanger for your love.

A flowers bouquet is the best choice for a floral gift, since it can astound anyone with the seducing scent and the mastery of the arrangement. The bouquet can be sent by the flowers courier offered for every bouquet in the online flowers collection.

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Roses are the primary choice then it comes to offering the ideal floral gift, and red roses are the well-known messangers of passion and deep feelings.

Magazinul de Flori recommends this rich flowers bouquet with 25 red roses stems for a romantic event you want to attend.

Roses are hybrid plants that resulted from succesive crossings of wild species, that is why they are very resistant to harsh conditions. A roses arrangement will properly bloom as long as light and water are assured.