Vanda and Pgaleonopsis bouquet

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350 RON
Thank you! I’ve never thought she will be so happy! All the best in your business
STELA, Jul 29th 2022
Thank you very much for the orders! The bouquets are beautiful and the cake is sensational! Have a great day.
V Neagu, Apr 16th 2022
The bouquet is in perfect shape and is really a beautiful composition of flowers. Thank you.
Laura, Jun 11th 2022

An exotic enchantment for those who adore flowers, this orchids bouquet is meant to catch anyone's attention. Make her feel loved and admired with this special flowers bouquet that employs vanda and phaleonopsis orchids to convey elegance and tenderness.

The fast courier service at Magazinul de Flori assures flowers delivery across Romania at the recipient's home.

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Dendrobium or the Singapore orchis is a special looking plant that can reach 1m in height is properly catered for. The genus contains 1.500 special that have different sizes according to the area in which they are grown.

The colors spectrum is extremely varied, but a dendrobium bouquet comes in a lavender color, pure white or golden yellos. Magazinul de Flori chooses fresh orchids that will last for a long time if they are assured a natural light source.