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When you think that in Romania there’s no one who can deliver services with professionalism and determination, I have to admit that your company satisfies its clients. Even though I proceeded shyly and with some mistrust, I now can say to all wanting to contact this company that you should do it with all the confidence because here you can find pros. Only after you make such a gift to a loved one, you can understand how much your gesture can mean. Thank you to the ones who delivered to my mother (in Sinaia) the gorgeous 57 roses. I say thank you to the manager with who I corresponded, from who I almost instantly received answers to my requests and misunderstandings. Trust them, they are good
Simona Manta, Feb 14th 2022
Hello agian, Thank you so much. The flowers were beautiful and the delivery was on time and the receiver was very surprised and pleased. Thank you again. Thank you! Regards
Warni Rosland, Jul 3rd 2022
Thank you for the gorgeous flowers. I sent the bouquet as a very special thank you. They are magnificent!
Ion, Mar 10th 2022

A white calla bouquet accented with mixed greenery. This special gift can be delivered with a glass vase meant to add an elegant touch to this elegant calla arrangement. White callas are the ideal choice when it comes to refined occasions, and this flowers bouquet is the definition of elegance itself.

The bouquet employs fresh calla and can be send by the flowers delivery service at Magazinul de Flori

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Callas are available in 6 species and they originate in the tropical areas from South Africa. Callas do not have staks, but very elegant inflorescence and ample leafs. Flowers have a panel shape and up to 13cm in length. Callas can bloom starting with April until June. A calla bouquet is the definition itself of refinement and can match any situation that implies distinction. Flower bouquets can contain callas in different colors and convey different meanings according to the design they create.