Alstroemeria bouquet

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I just wanted to say thank you very much for your professionalism. It’s nice to know that even from a distance we can bring joy to those we left at home. My father was very surprised; he wasn’t expecting anything like this. It’s wonderful to know that in Romania one can have access to ways of not forgetting the beloved ones.
Madalina Mercea - Montreal, Canada, Apr 8th 2020
I purchased my first bouquet of flowers from you last week. They are the most beautiful roses ever!
Roxana, May 8th 2020
Thanks for the excellent service and for the pictures!
Mihaela D, Nov 7th 2020

An innovatice flowers bouquet that employs white alstroemeria flowers in a special arrangement assorted with greenery. This elegant alstroemeria bouquet is present in an unique floral gift that is designed by Magazinul de Flori for the special occasions that demand a flowers bouquet.

The delivery is assured by the flowers courier service that can send flowers at any address in Romania.

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Alstroemeria flowers are also known as the lily of the Incas, is a very resistant plant that can be used in multiple combinations for flower bouquets. When seated in a vase, alstroemeria flowers can last for up to 14 days if the leafs are kept away from the water in the vase. This flower can be used as an amulet, since it’s a symbol of wealth, prosperity and friendship.