Colored gerbera bouquet

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Thank you very much for the lovely flowers. My mum was impressed. Congratulations on your services!
L. M, Jun 18th 2022
The recipient was so excited and keep on telling me of how beautiful the bouquet is! Altho it has gone for a long journey, it still looks soo gorgeous. I’m sorry for such fuss and u was always being so helpful, i appreciate that soo much! I def. gonna shop more at your shop, because of it’s EXCELLENT service and AMAZING product. This is def. the best florist i ever came cross for. I can’t hardly wait to buy something again from Magazinul de Flori, and i wish you all the best!
Mihaela, Apr 19th 2022
Hello Dear Sir, Thank you very much for the flowers delivered to my mother. I can say that you managed to make people as happy as they’ve never been. My mum’s voice shows so much excitement that I’m almost sorry I wasn’t there to see it. It’s wonderful and my mum says the flowers are so fresh she thinks they will last until Easter! One thing was missing – the note- or at least she couldn’t find it. It doesn’t matter if you forgot, I thank you very much. I am here for the rest of the money I have to pay for the vase. I will stay your client and will happily recommend you. Have a wonderful day I am glad there are people who know how to perfectly manage their business
Anonim, Feb 25th 2022

Fresh gerbera daisies that are artfully arranged in a flowers bouquet meant to bring a splash of color for any occasion. This bouquet employs 19 assorted gerbera daisies that are carefully selected by the florists at Magazinul de Flori. Choose this special flowers delivery service and the bouquet will be sent on your behalf, at any address in Romania.

Freshness, color and refinement, all gathered in an exceptional gerbera bouquet.

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Gerbera daisies belong to the same family as sunflowers, and they are extremely popular as decorative plants

Gerbera is also known as the Transvaal Daisy or Barberton Daisy, two regions from South Africa, and are ideal for the most creative flower bouquets.

The main advantage for the gerbera flowers si the fact that they last for the entire year and they can be offered as floral gifts in any season.