Roses, gerbera and solidago bouquet

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238 RON
Ali R, Mar 10th 2022
Raluca B, Feb 11th 2022
Miorita K, Mar 30th 2022

A colored floral mix that contains yellow roses, gerbera and solidago, all arranged to impress the recipient. This unique combination of online flowers is presented in a sophisticated design so that this roses and gerbera bouquet can be offered on any occasion.

The delivery is assured by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, that sends flowers at home anywhere in Romania.

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Roses are flowers that convey desire and are also the ultimate symbol of passion and romance. Roses are available in over 30.000 species and different colors. Roses are admired for the velvety aspect of the petals but also for the sweet and seducing scent. The perfume is more intense when flowers are exposed to a direct light source, since the photosynthesis process is more active. 

Nothing compares with a roses bouquet that display a variety of colors. A gift made of yellow roses is the symbol of friendship and conveys warmth and affection.