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Summer Fantasy

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The surprise was big (literally and figuratively). it is a gorgeous bouquet (I have not seen it - but I heard), delivered more than punctual (both times). We've managed to be near our mother for her birthday, even if we're 2,500 miles away. Thanks for the second time, even if the first time (5 years ago) we did not left any testimony! Continue all the way in the same way!
Adina D si Dana DD, Jun 19th 2021
Hello, I take this chance to thank you for the quality of the service and for the quality of the products, I got a picture of the flowers you delivered and think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Good luck with what you are doing
Lucian Avramescu, May 20th 2021
Good Afternoon, Thank you for the kindness and for the professionalism with which you delivered the order. To be honest with you I had some fears regarding the delivery. The quality of your service is very high. The surprise was perfect. My mother was so impress that she couldn’t refrain her tears. Because of the distance, I was not able to see the flowers or to taste the birthday cake and Champaign, but my mother’s comments and her reaction, said all the necessary words. Thank you for contributing to such a lovely surprise and because you put a smile on her face. I hope the next order will be just as successful! good luck
Elis, Feb 24th 2021

A yellow calla bouquet that defines creativity and expertise of the florists at your favorite online flower shop, Magazinul de FloriCalla flowers are an expression of elegance, and this flowers bouquet is decorated with assorted greenery that can turn any occasion into a special one. This simple and modern calla bouquet combines the summer days freshness, the pastel colors in nature and the refinement in a flowers arrangement.

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Callas are elegant flowers that have funnel-shaped flowers with a gracious and refined bouquet. These flowers have warm and pastel colors and thick petals. As cut flowers, callas are used in flower bouquets and flower arrangements and they can last from 7 up to 10 days. Yellow callas convey optimism and joy, and that is why a yellow calla bouquet can be associated with summer.