Yellow lilies and white freesia
Asiatic bouquet

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I love your web page set-up. It is by far the best and easiest to navigate. Thanks
Dan, Jan 4th 2023
Today you made my mother happiest, I have no words to thank you! You helped me on a hard day in her life to bring a smile to her lips even from a distance! The flowers are beautiful, I recommend with confidence. I wish you a wonderful day !
Anamaria A, Apr 24th 2023
The bouquet was wonderful, I also appreciate your confirmation email :). Good day and thank you so much.
Delia, Mar 16th 2023

A visual delight that can color any decor, this elegant lilies bouquet completed with freesia is the ideal choice when you want to offer a memorable floral gift. The bouquet employs yellow colored asiatic lilies and white freesia accented with greenery to obtain an exotic and refined combination.

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Lilies are available in 100 varieties and can be found as bulbs or potted plants. As cut flowers, they are used in flower arrangements mean to bring a special scent in any room.

For greeks and romans, the lily was an antique symbol of hope and triumph, chosen as an official decoration for leaders. Given this tradition, the lily is not ideal for formal events.

Magazinul de Flori offers a wide array of lily bouquets that made a great floral gift to match any occasion. Any bouquet can be delivered across Romania by the best flowers courier.