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Hi, thank you for the care you have achieved to make the surprise. Delivered as required. My first collaboration with you and certainly not the last. You demonstrated professionalism and dedication in your work for clients. Congratulations !
D. T, Jan 8th 2023
I would like to thank you for the flowers sent to my mother this birthday. As always, a pleasure to work with you! Both the floral arrangement and the service were wonderful. Also, thank you for your attention to detail!
Delia P, Mar 8th 2023
You helped us in a difficult time in our lives, thank you for that
Octavian Popescu - California, Jan 11th 2023

If you want to offer a delicate gift that can perfectly describe her and underline her feminity, this tulips bouquet is the best you can offer! The bouquet employs 25 pink tulips tied with an assorted bow to keep the paste accent.

The delivery is assured by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori that employs the flowers courier service for deliveries across Romania.

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Tulips belong to the Tulipa genus and they are available in next to 150 plant species. Flowers have a cup shape and they are colored and attractice. Bulbs have concentric layers and they are covered with soft thorns. 

As decorative flowers, tulips are a popular choice for flower bouquets, that are more impressive as the number of tulips grows higher. Magazinul de Flori only uses fresh tulips for arrangements that can have intense or pastel colors, depending on the floral gift.