Gerbera bouquet
Autumnal Elegance

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225 RON
Thanks for the service. Certainly we will use your services in the near future. Have a good day!
Ryana P, Jan 12th 2024
Congratulations for the amazing services! The beauty and the quality of the flowers, you gentleness and promptness guarantee a pleasant experience for us and for those who receive and enjoy the flowers from the “ Magazinul de Flori”! Thank you
Miriam Onaca, Jan 5th 2024
Good evening, Mr, Stefan, Thank you very much for all your effort in the execution of this delivery. The surprise and the delivery were truly special. As always you did everything to ensure the expected result. Thank you
MARK S, Feb 26th 2024

A festival of colors gathered in a multicolored gerbera bouquet. This floral arrangement is meant to convey color to any occasion and turn a regular day into a celebration. This flowers bouquet employs 13 colored gerbera flowers that will surely please anyone.

The color of the flowers can vary according to the season, and you are sure to send the freshest flowers that are especially selected by florists at Magazinul de Flori, the fastest flowers courier that offers wonderful online flowers.

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Gerberas are ornamental flowers that belong to the same family as sunflowers. They were spread around Europe in the year 1900 and became popular as special floral assortments only 60 years later. Since then, they are offered in flower bouquets that are highly admired for the bright colors and exquisite shape.