Yellow freesia bouquet
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Thank you very much for the delivery of the order and especially for the desire to meet the customer and succeed in thanking him. I am glad to have met people who care about both others and the quality of the work they do. I recommend.
Razvan B, Feb 23rd 2024
Good morning!!!!!!! Thank you! Everything worked out perfectly! I will surely contact you again! .... and will further recommend your services. Good luck! All the best!
Liviu C, Jan 29th 2024
The recipient was so excited and keep on telling me of how beautiful the bouquet is! Altho it has gone for a long journey, it still looks soo gorgeous. I’m sorry for such fuss and u was always being so helpful, i appreciate that soo much! I def. gonna shop more at your shop, because of it’s EXCELLENT service and AMAZING product. This is def. the best florist i ever came cross for. I can’t hardly wait to buy something again from Magazinul de Flori, and i wish you all the best!
Mihaela, Mar 27th 2024

A flowers bouquet meant to convey freshness, warmth and a color spectacle. This freesia bouquet employs fresh flowers that have a seducing scent, a real enchantment through the colors spectrum and perfume.

If you want to show your appreciation for a dear one, this yellow freesia floral bouquet makes the ideal choice. The online flower shop Magazinul de Flori assures flowers delivery at the recipient's doorstep.

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Freesias are considered a symbol of mystery and their sweet scent is intensified if the flowers are kept in a friendly environment with a light source and humidity. These flowers are admired for their tenderness and special perfume and they are used for cosmetics in obtainings creams an scented oils.

Magazinul de Flori offers fresh freesia bouquets that can be delivered at the recipient's doorstep by the flowers courier service.