Tulips, lilies and gerbera bouquet

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417 RON
Thank you very much, the bouquet was lovely and the flowers fresh. I will never forget the care and consideration that you displayed
Nicola, Jun 19th 2024
The bouquet was wonderful, I also appreciate your confirmation email :). Good day and thank you so much.
Delia, May 15th 2024
...the flowers are wonderful ...she sent me a picture with the bouquet and it’s beautiful ...she was thrilled as well since she wasn’t expecting ...thank you very much for the bouquet and for your professional attitude ...for sure i will use your services in the future
Moron Marian-Tudor, Jan 9th 2024

A stunning flowers bouquet that is ideal to make a love confession or to send a warm message. The wonderful bouquet employs tulips, lilies, gerbera, all with shades of orange, meant to express desire and enthusiasm.

The bouquet only contain fresh flowers, carefullt selected by the florists at Magazinul de Flori and included in the online flowers collection with home delivery.

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Tulips have a highly decorative value and they are grown especially for their beauty and colors variety. The elegant look is due to the cup shape of the flowers. Even though these flowers are associated with Holand, they are native to Asia, especially in the Ottoman Empire.

Florists at Magazinul de Flori use a wide variety of tulips and artfully combine them in tulip bouquets that bring a special significance and symbol on an important occasion. A flowers boquuet that employs tulips will express energy and joy. Flowers can be sent through the flowers delivery service, that assures flowers delivery across Romania.